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Bic Sportyak 213

Complete package ready to go; accessories included with the dinghy:
  • 2 oars, 2 rowlocks, 3 rowlock brackets, 1 rope
Bic Sportyak 213 tender Bic Sportyak 213 family fun Bic Sportyak 213 with engine

The Bic Sportyak 213 is the ideal dinghy. Man-powered or with a small engine, she is perfect in all situations and can be easily stored. During holidays, she becomes a big safe toy for the children. In harbours, lakes, rivers or on the beach, in any situation, the Bic Sportyak 213 is the most versatile dinghy available.

Bic Sportyak 213 fishing

Standard Equipment:

2 oars 1 rope
2 rowlocks 3 rowlock brackets



2.13m / 7'


1.15m / 3'9"


23kg / 51lbs


2 people

Max Load

170kg / 374lbs

Recommended Engine

electric or internal combustion, maximum weight 12kg,
optional engine bracket required

Optional Extras:

Seat, Engine Bracket & Wheel are optional unless otherwise stated